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World Snooker Championship 2019 Thread

Here is the thread for the World Snooker Championship 2019 at the Crucible.

1st round results
Mark Williams 10- 7 Martin Gould
David Gilbert 10- 7 Joe Perry
Barry Hawkins 10-1 Li Hang
Kyren Wilson 10-4 Scott Donaldson
John Higgins 10- 7 Mark Davis
Stuart Bingham 10-9 Graeme Dott
Shaun Murphy 10- 0 Luo Honghao
Neil Robertson 10- 1 Michael Georgiou
Mark Selby 10- 7 Zhao Xintong
Luca Brecel 9- 10 Gary Wilson
Jack Lisowski 6-10 Ali Carter
Mark Allen 7-10 Zhou Yeulong
Judd Trump 10- 9 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Ding Junhui 10- 7 Anthony McGill
Stephen Maguire 10- 9 Tian Pengfei
Ronnie O'Sullivan 8- 10 James Cahill

2nd round results
Neil Robertson 13-6 Shaun Murphy
Mark Selby 10-13 Gary Wilson
Stephen Maguire 13-12 James Cahill
Mark Williams 9-13 David Gilbert
Ali Carter 13-9 Zhou Yeulong
Kyren Wilson 13-11 Barry Hawkin
Judd Trump 13-9 Ding Junhui
John Higins 13-11 Stuart Bingham

Quarter final results
Gary Wilson 13-9 Ali Carter
David Gilbert 13-8 Kyren Wilson
Judd Trump 13-6 Stephen Maguire
John Higgins 13-10 Neil Robertson

Semi finals results
John Higgins 17-16 David Gilbert
Judd Trump 17-11 Gary Wilson

The Final
John Higgins 9-18 Judd Trump

Judd Trump is the world champion

posted on 6/5/19

how is williams #2 ?

posted on 6/5/19

I think the fact that it’s a 2 year ranking system (as opposed to Tennis which is 1 year) as well as the Masters being an invitational event and hence offering no ranking points means that players that have been fairly average for one season can still be quite high if the previous season was successful.

Williams won 3 events last season including the Worlds. I do agree though that the rankings don’t seem to reflect who the best players are.

posted on 6/5/19

thought murphy might of been in the top 5 then again think you're right 2 of the tournaments he's won have been non ranking

posted on 7/5/19

Judd Trump is number 2 according to this;

posted on 7/5/19

Yes apologies..



Live Points

1 1 − Ronnie O'Sullivan 1,196,500 1,196,500
2 2 − Judd Trump 1,166,500 1,166,500
3 3 − Mark Williams 1,028,000 1,028,000
4 4 − Neil Robertson 842,500 842,500
5 5 − John Higgins 795,500 795,500
6 6 − Mark Selby 752,225 752,225
7 7 − Mark Allen 677,000 677,000
8 8 − Kyren Wilson 561,225 561,225
9 9 − Barry Hawkins 409,500 409,500
10 10 − Ding Junhui 403,500 403,500
11 11 − Jack Lisowski 398,600 398,600
12 12 − David Gilbert 394,000 394,000
13 13 − Stuart Bingham 390,500 390,500
14 14 − Shaun Murphy 375,000 375,000
15 15 − Luca Brecel 350,600 350,600
16 16 − Stephen Maguire 346,000 346,000

posted on 7/5/19

comment by Wetherbyterrier (U2075)
posted 16 hours, 26 minutes ago
Drunken, for all his talent he should be yes, Ronnie won the UK at 17, Hendry the worlds at 21, John Higgins World champ at 23, class of 1992 were all 18-19 when they came through...

Yes, agreed

Apologies to all Judd fans but some of the comments are pure sensationalist fantasies.

It has happened so often before, according to bbc Steve Davis was lauded so much in the late 80s even though many saw he was being caught up, then Hendry became GOAT by his 3rd or 4th title, Williams was starting dominance in 2003, then suddenly Ronnie took the game to a new level in 2004, 2008 apparently, then in 2011 Higgins is the GOAT, then Ronnie became GOAT in 2013 and since and now Judd will dominate even though he won his first title at 29.

It’s not only pure exaggeration, it’s the way these guys are such turncoats, they flip flop with GOATs, best performances, best finals every other season.

However, this is the first time after a long time, that I’ve really been excited by a new champion. Can’t wait until next season. I always thought either Ding or Judd could break the Crucible Curse if they finally won it. It will be tough, but he is capable, no doubt about it.

posted on 7/5/19

Well said Just true, I heard all the above like you over the years,Changing the GOAT after every tournament Yet who has won most titles this season ?.......... Ronnie at 43 still going strong... I made a comment on the BBC website stating that Ronnie at 29 absolutely smashes Trump .. Ronnie at 43 is still a formidable opponent to Trump .. After all he has won 5 titles this year.. Davis & Parrott etc only comment on the BBC events, which Trump as won 2 this season, Ronnie won the other, to make it to 19 Triple Crown Events... need I go on...

posted on 7/5/19

No one has said that Judd Trump is the GOAT, I highly doubt he will come close to breaking Hendry and Ronnie records, But there is no question at present he is the man to beat. Yes Judd maybe could and should have achieved more at 29 but it is a lot tougher these days, he has had so much stick from plenty of people over the years which has been over the top.
We have to remember Selby won his first world title aged 30, further 2 followed. Neil Robertson won his first world title aged 28, hasn't got to a world final ever since. Judd needs to aim to surpass those 2 players first which he is more then capable of doing, I'm hoping he can win another 2 or 3 more world titles and he needs another UK championship up his sleeve too!

posted on 7/5/19

I've read lots of comments about Trump taking it to another level, ridiculous comment, you are right though, he is the one to beat, even if Ronnie won more last season..

posted on 1/11/19

Champions of Champions thread is up:

Not sure how many people are still active on the snooker forum though

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