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2 Steps Forwards, 4 Steps Backwards... PT2

There are two sides you can look at in regards as to why Ole and his coaching staff were chosen.

He’s a fan favourite, a club legend, and integral part to the famous history of this club - especially after scoring THAT goal. He wasn’t too bad coming off the bench neither. He is adored by the fans and he knows the club inside out - its traditions and he is respectful. It is also handy that he has now become a manager who has clocked up some still impressive achievements/experiences.
It was certainly unexpected from anyone that he would be chosen even as a caretaker manager to guide this off course ship. But the selection was made, the prodigal son returned home and the adoring loyal fans once again rejoiced for whatever they could and sang his name until their hearts were content. The spirit within the squad once again arose and the performances on the field showed that…

…But in the dark shadows lay a lingering veil of reality…

The owners clearly knew the route that they chose was beneficial for both them, the club and the fans. They knew that this decision would get everyone on board - which it did for the most part. But they also cunningly knew that this decision is financially motivated. They as businessmen in this successful commercial era for this club got here by smart planning and greed. They know that they have wasted vast sums of money on big name players and managers in the past who have often failed this club and have had to pay the consequences. If they are so smart then why have they wasted so much money you may ask? Well a lot of those decisions came with a commercial/status motive behind it, and i don’t think that the board will want to stop this idea anytime soon.

I personally believe that one of the main reasons why they chose Ole and his staff was because of the cost of hiring/firing him/them would be far lower than other alternatives. This is their hidden motive. Ole is still seen as a less desirable candidate for any top club regardless of his past managerial experiences. Now it could be seen as a smart positive move to save this club some money or it could be seen in a negative light as penny pinching, but this board doesn’t do things without some sort of hidden agenda at times. For as long as this club is crunching those numbers at the banks, these leeches will stay at this cub.

So what do we do now? Well, we have to stick with what we have got until an unrealistic takeover beckons anytime soon. The problem with that is a big possibility that the big main issues that dragged this club down in the first place will still remain -Ed Woodward. He’s a very smart business savvy man - who also has a side kick who’s also quite good in his field of expertise (forgot his name?) But this combo is a very big selling point for any potential owner/s who are thinking of buying Manchester United off the Glazers. That’s not to say that the Glazers will sell up anytime in the near future - i mean who would be willing to give up a very successful money making cash cow for the sake of moral?!

So…for the foreseeable future, it seems like we will still have to stick with the Glazers and Ed and seriously hope that they do what they say in restructuring this club.

- Bring in that promised DoF - A very capable one who understands what this club needs (If it is that type DoF i prefer!).

- Improve the youth academy - begrudgingly like City have done. But i personally believe we will make much better use of it than they have, as it’s in our tradition to.

- Allow Ole/whoever the manager is the time to build his squad - especially when you can see he is trying to carve out an identity for this club. Kind of like Klopp did in his first season at Liverpool. For us, this may take a few seasons to get right because of all the problems left behind prior to Ole arriving. (I know Jose was afforded time, but he was given too much time in regards to his negativity/incapabilities)

- Don’t make drastic/stupid contract decisions in the desperate attempt to calm the situation down - think clearly and smartly before you do so.

- Focus on competing regularly for the title again (or top 3 at the minimum) before we even think about competing for the CL title again. I personally believe that we need that experience again in battling it out year in year out for the domestic major honour before we can start to feel more comfortable in the CL competing properly again. Just look at Liverpool, City and Spurs (to a certain degree - no disrespect Spurs fans)

We have some way to go before we want to get back to the top. The light at the end of the tunnel says it is possible, but it is all very much dependant on how this club is run from the top to the bottom.

That’s my two scents, so apologies for the long 2 part post. But if you feel i have written any inaccuracies, missed any information/factors out or have your own views, then please feel feel to contribute

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted on 18/4/19

comment by Steve Beaglehole (U15867)
posted 1 minute ago

Just read all that and realised it was part 2. Will it still make sense if I read part 1 now or will it spoil it?

FFS! Wait until you read my autobiography part 17

posted on 18/4/19

so, tell me, how much is Ole's contract worth then?

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted on 18/4/19

In terms of exact figures i wouldn't know. But i believe it will be less than your Pochs or Zidanes (prior to his Madrid job).

posted on 18/4/19


comment by Prem (U7618)

posted on 18/4/19

Because the football market even for managers dictates that

It doesn't take a genius to work out what both managers have achieved in their respective football environments in comparison to what Ole has in Norway.

(Poch - league finishes/CL football)

posted on 18/4/19

you are just guessing

Im sure Ole (or his agent) made sure he wasn't short changed just because he is an ex player. He will be on a packet and it will cost millions to remove him under contract, just like the 3 previous clowns.

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted on 18/4/19

I haven't asked him

But in all seriousness it's obvious he will still be on a tidy sum, but it will still work out less than those two mentioned - due to those factors.

comment by L40TL (U20035)

posted on 19/4/19

A very articulate and thorough article, and I think actually spot on. Man U were a top performing club under Sir Alex but have been in steady decline since his departure, riddled with some astonishing decisions on choice of manager and player acquisitions.

The future may bring some respite, but it’s some distance away now.

posted on 19/4/19

Good post, well thought out and put. I agree with some but not all.
Owners all have their reasons,
Abramovich, money laundering and becoming respectable imo. But also he does like football.
Mansoor, PR.
The Glazers are business people. We live in a capitalist society; there is nothing illegal, or even immoral in what they have done. I would have done it if I could.
They want to make money, but they are savvy enough to know we need to be successful.
I think they appointed Ole because they knew he would be popular, but then he passed his audition with flying colours, so they felt they had to give him the job. I doubt it was to save money.
I would like to see Gary Neville or VDS as DoF, to work as a team with the manager and the boards to follow a blueprint of what we all want.
To have plans for the stadium, training, youth set up, in fact everything. If you stand still you fall behind. It is harder here because there are a lot of rich ambitious clubs, we are only one of them.
We should look to our heritage for playing attacking football, promoting youth, but in a modern way.

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted on 19/4/19

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

L40TL - I know that some of the things I mentioned may have been obvious to some. But I was just pointing out in more detail that an iconic establishment such as ours still miserably fail to correct that.

52 - Appreciate your input on this matter. It has been a long ride for me to endure. Now I understand that fans of older generations may believe that this is minuscule in comparison to some eras gone by. But this is on another level considering the value of such issues.

But I do agree on your points about how this club could go forward for the future.

Interesting analysis on another alternative as to why Ole was appointed and other club owners reasonings

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