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British empire

Shame on England

Some poster on here from the Englishmen and on the main thread of World Cup said England already in final. Hahahahaha

England team and fan are same and arrogant thinking they are best because they have 2/3 good player. They good because they borrow from other counties in wars and have good business and hospital system because of wars in other countries

Hello England. No world cup this year. Go back to sleep or pub even now hahahahaha. The British empire and arrogant people can’t win anything

posted on 27/6/19

comment by Desicafu (U8481)
posted 19 hours, 36 minutes ago
comment by it'sonlyagame (U6426)
posted 5 minutes ago
comment by wearethefamousTHFC (U19211)
posted 9 hours, 41 minutes ago
Someones bitter.. who else would drink your tea if not us ........... we made you who you are

Russia, Iran, the US and the UAE are all bigger drinkers of Indian tea than the UK, with Germany not far behind.

If, of course, you meant to ask how India would have become a major tea-growing country if England hadn't smuggled tea seeds out of China and paid Indians a slave wage to grow it for the colonial overlords who were exploiting them, then I'd say there'd have been a fair chance of it getting there eventually anyway, just as it reached many other countries without Britain's selfless concern for their development.
Well said It'sonlyagame
huge chips on shoulders

Your two countries slaughtered each other when we left

How very civilised

comment by --- (U11882)

posted on 27/6/19


It's bad enough sheitting up the oceans stop sheitting up this forum too.

posted on 28/6/19

Not sure we should be taking comments from our colonies that seriously.
More education needed.

posted on 1/7/19

Sheep or goat - all else is a chasing after the wind.

posted on 2/7/19

comment by harlequinHebdo (U16981)
posted 5 days, 14 hours ago
IOAG , come on mate,you forgot to mention the populations of Russia,USA,and Iran. All have larger populations,UAE on the other hand has a smaller population,but it's populace is largely made up of people from the sub continent.

Their are stats and their are stats, as all good school teachers should know !
Hi Harl!

Indeed, no one except the Turkish and the Irish drink more tea than the Brits, but in fairness the comment I was replying to wasn't about per capita tea consumption, it was about who would buy India's tea if Britain didn't and the secondary implication that it was the Empire who built Indian identity.

posted on 2/7/19

A day of lion is better than 1000 days of tortoise

posted on 2/7/19

You leave my tortoise out of it !

posted on 10/7/19

Ohhhh dear op you have had a mare... Small part of the empire dumped you out of the world Cup πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ muppet 🀣

posted on 15/7/19

The empire strikes back

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