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posted 1 week ago

------------------------- Areola ---------------------------
Mukiele ------- N.Sule ------- J.Evans ------- Marcelo
------------------------- Zakaria --------------------------
----------------- Tolisso ------- Arthur ------------------
Gnabry ------------------------------------------- Barnes
---------------------- Lewandowski ----------------------

Ramsdale, Stones, WIlliams, Pjanic, Bruno, Ferran, Malen

Look to try and control possession high up the field, push them back by playing a high line(the front three)pass and move into positions that can hurt them, when we defend we do so as a team with two banks of four with Zakaria in between the two lines, our midfield & Lewandowski harassing their backline and really pressurise them into quick , misplaced passes for us to pick up, in their face performance, especially Arthur & Tolisso as we try to nullify their midfield and stop them creating chances for the forwards.

Mukiele and Marcelo have freedom to attack, but only one at a time, one will stay back creating a back 3 when we attack, bomb down the line supporting the wingers on the outside, which will allow the winger to cut inside and support Lewandowski. They look to play one twos with the midfield which will get him beyond there fullback and whip in dangerous crosses. Both tough defenders and intelligent so know when to tackle and when just to try and shimmy out wide. When defending and on the cautious side and remain vigilant at all times in the line of four, keep it tight.. Sule will mark the CF, use his strength and speed to keep the CF away from the danger area. Evans alongside is the spare defender and helps out where needed, both powerful defenders, Both will dominate in the air and both good on the ball, so when in possession they can carry the ball out from defence and look to send our forwards away. Stay tight as a four and let nothing through. Both cbs up for corners, fullbacks stay back and a midfielder just sitting in front of them. When we are in possession the ball will come from the back, so these guys must look for movement ahead of them so they can pick there pass, both CBs are comfortable with ball at feet and will take the ball out of defence to allow them to come on to us before he passes, this will create space as hew will force them to break away from the players they are marking..

Zakaria's primary role in front of the defence is to win possession and then start an attacking phase. Within this he needs to cover spaces in between the midfield and defence where the opposition’s number 10 will likely to be operating whilst also being aware when the full-backs had pushed forward.Take care of of the No 10/SS is also a main focus, he isn't an out an out DM but he has a lot of grit and determination to his game so stick to him like glue and stop him becoming a threat Once he is in possession of the ball nice simple balls to those around him.

Arthur is our box-to-box midfielder and has responsibility throughout the pitch. He is expected to score goals and create chances for team mates, whilst also helping in the defensive third. One requirement of this role are high fitness levels due to the amount of running they are expected to do. The box-to-box midfielder is more likely to be found on the side of the pitch where the full-back that is less efficient in the attacking third plays to provide balance on both flanks, he also has a mean shot from distance and isn't afraid to have a go. Tolisso's I want further up the pitch today as his main responsibility is to both create chances for the three attackers in front of him and indeed score the goals himself. Pushing forward as a AM he will often find himself the furthest forward of the three midfielders and sometimes even in the number 9 role if the correct situation arises. The advantage having Tolisso there is he has pace & tenacity to get right un amongst them, he needs to be able to play a pass that penetrates the opposition’s defense or dictates the direction of the attack These three should work well together and between them have everything a midfield needs. He will try and get in beyond there DM and support Lewandowski and look for any scraps coming his way.

Wingers are going to cause problems out wide, with the support they will have, they will look to push the fullbacks back and get into the danger area, Barnes I want to drive on the outside and play as a natural winger not an inside forward unless supported by Marcelo. both sides will definitely pose a threat with quick one twos. If they play with 3 at the back try and expose the space in behind the wingbacks by using Arthur/Tolisso to play around and behind them with the ball going in triangles quickly until the break is on. If fulbacks drive passed wingers they can cut inside looking to make a nuisance of themselves centrally again using the CMs to get into danger areas. Both wingers have a fantastic forward to aim for in Lewandowksi so if they get to the bye line then get the crosses in for him to attack.Lewandowski will get plenty chances, however he must put away there side who will be solid at the back, I want to bully the slower/weaker/less experienced of the two/three with the aid of Tolisso and the wingers and sometimes the fullbacks. Get into positions that he can go for goal or at very least drag players away for other players to drive into the space. Again, target the slower/weaker of the cbs, split them apart to create space, we are quick, so our forwards must hit them with pace to drag them all over the place. Lets be honest, he is a goal machine and will stick it in the back of the net when he has a sniff of goal, he can score from various angles/ranges with hopefully a few crosses coming in he can get up and above defenders for. Can hold it up and look for runners, in particular Gnabry and Barnes will be making runs so be watchful of them just to lay it off to the side if he cant go for goal himself. But especially look for the midfielders centrally driving forward as they time their runs perfectly so a little touch back to him allows him to go for goal.

We must defend as a team tho, from the front, so wingers track back and cover the fullbacks,I want the midfield to be compact to allow very little space, even just to stop them supporting the wingers, we must drive into them and pressurize them into mistakes

Captain - J.Evans
Pens - Lewandowksi
Free Kicks - Barnes
Corners - Wingers

Losing -
65 Mins - Malen for Arthur, we go 4-4-2
75 Mins - Pjanic for Tolisso , try and open them up with his passing
82 Mins - Ferran for Barnes, switch with Gnabry to try and get at tiring fullbacks

Winning -
75 Mins - Pjanic for Arthur, straight swap, look to control the midfield more
85 Mins - Malen for Lewandowski, run the clock down, get at defenders

Drawing -
65 Mins - Bruno for Arthur, more forward driven
75 Mins - Ferran for Barnes, switch with Gnabry, Pjanic for Tolisso, look to open them up

Red Card
Areola - Ramsdale for Arthur
Marcelo - B.Williams for Arthur
Any other derender - Stones for Arthur
Zakaria - Arthur takes the DM role
Gnabry - Tolisso go wider
Barnes - Gnabry to LM, Tolisso to RM
Lewandowski - Malen for Arthur

Always a flat 4-4-1

posted 1 week ago

Red Card game is City v Portsmouth, not Bournemouth

posted 5 days, 23 hours ago

------------------------- Oblak --------------------------
Walker ------ Mancini ------ Lenglet ------ Lucas.H
--------------- Fabinho ------ Tielemans -------------
------------------------- Pogba -------------------------
--- Mbappe ------------------------------- Neymar ---
----------------------- Lacazette ----------------------

Lafont, Kehrer, Llorente, Zaniolo, Chiesa, Martial, Dembele

Our game is based solely on possession football, quick on the break and really pressurise the opposition with an in your face performance from the front, we want to hit them quickly so we need to press them quickly to get the ball, when we defend, the back 4 must stay solid with Fabinho & Tielemans ahead of them just in front harassing the man with the ball before they get to our back 4 and our midfield will be in and around the half way line, Lacazette slightly higher up, this will congest the midfield and allow us to dictate play, defend from the front, stop them coming forward from the back, however, if they do push forward onto us and we get the ball they will be on the back foot and will really struggle with our front 3/4 with Fullbacks who are always ready to pounce and hit them with pace.

Mancini picks up the CF, Lenglet spare picks up the AM if he gets away from our midfield, keep the forward(s) away from the danger area, get onto them quickly, take the ball away from them and play it out of defence, look to get it out wide quickly, Both are comfortable on the ball so can bring it out when in no danger and look for the pass longer to the forwards to hit them with pace, both must attack high balls to get the ball away from the opposition big men. Fullbacks keep the wingers quiet, stop their attacks Keep them away from shooting areas and stop them becoming dangerous in any position by standing tall against them and keeping them on there 'bad' foot. When they attack, only one at a time, they drive down the line in support of the wingers drive on the outside making an extra man. If either get caught up field I want Fabinho/Tielemans to drift to the side and this allows the fullbacks to make their way to midfield to cover. Mancini and Lenglet to go up for corners, with the fullbacks and Fabinho sitting back.

Fabinho our deepest midfielder sitting just in front of the CB's he will shadow there AM and not allow him to control the game, must be aware of all that is around him, be in the right place at the right time and look to cover for defensive players moving forward, he has to impose himself early on the AM to make him wary of holding onto the ball too long, once on the ball look around, head up and pick the pass that will get us moving forward quickly always making himself for a return ball from a deeper angle as he spreads it from side to side then eventually forward he is always looking for the ball to start again if need be, can be out to the fullbacks or indeed a longer ball to the front three to take the opposition out of it as they are still high up the pitch. Tielemans will help stop the run of play quicker to make our defenders jobs a lot easier, protect our defence as best as possible, in possession get it to the front 3 but also look for fullbacks and Pogba as they move into space, keep it simple, he has a very good range of pass. Either pass and move(triangles) into space or look for a piercing through ball to our front three to drive onto.Can move forward to assist and look for balls coming out so he can either, shoot or whip straight back in.Pogba is essential to our style of play, he is the link between defence and attack, I want him higher up the pitch today so as we break quickly he will look to set up our front three and at times be in an advanced No.10 role and look for the Tielemans/Fabinho/CB pass. When in possession always s head up looking for the movement of our front three to play them in, he will follow his pass and make up the numbers up front. When he doesn't drop deep i.e when the defenders go long, he will look to form a front four as they move around and look to tear the defence apart. All of our midfield three must press the opposition and get to grips with this game very early on.

Our wingers are extremely quick, when we don't have the ball they drop back a bit to make up the numbers as they attack, push into the faces of the opposition to force them into mistakes and hopefully in the end they lose the ball, when they do lose the ball we charge at them and we do it quickly, either a long ball over defenders, go through the cms or out to one of our attacking fullbacks.however, the movement up front between Mbappe and Neymar will cause them problems drifting in an out, thus allowing Pogba to pick his moment to move into space either as a 10 or out wide. If he does push wide this will allow Mbappe/Neymar to go in central as we will have an attacking fullback up and supporting. Quick passing in triangles that will get us in and beyond their defenders and eventually to Lacazette who can beat any defender with power and pace and the other wingers who will look to get into space to get a shot off, if there defence is on top then we can always go direct at times and fire early crosses especially from deep from the fullbacks into Lacazette who will sit on the last foot so he can spring them and have a shoot or sight mentality, can move central, we must always make sure he is well supported, if he cant get the shot away he will be looking to bring others into the game by dropping slightly back to get numbers for the attack he is a very tireless worker, who also helps defend from the from by harassing there back line/DM.

Captain - Fabinho
Penalties - Neymar
Free Kicks - Neymar (when going for goal)
Corners - Wingers

Losing -
65 Mins - Chiesa for Pogba, he goes to RW with Mbappe going up top in a 4-4-2
73 Mins - Dembele for Lacazette straight swap
82 Mins - Martial for Walker, we go 3 at the back with Martial going to the left and neymar LCF in an attacking 3-4-3

Winning -
70 Mins - Llorente for Pogba, he goes to DM beside Fabinho with Tielemans just a bit ahead of them
80 Mins - Martial for Lacazette, he runs things down v tiring defenders

Drawing -
70 Mins - Zaniolo for Pogba, Chiesa for Lacazette, Chiesa to RW, Mbappe up top
80 Mins - Martial for Walker, he goes LW, Neymar up top 3412

comment by Welshy (U1348)

posted 5 days, 5 hours ago

Liverpool v NORWICH CITY


Free Kicks – Wilson

Subs: Guaita, Justin, Godfrey, Koopmeiners, Bowen, Cantwell, Pukki

Our defensive unit consists of Lewis Dunk and Caglar Söyüncü paired up at centre-back, Max Aarons at right-back and Jamal Lewis at left-back, with Sander Berge and Renato Sanches as our midfield ‘double pivot’ screening them.

This ‘double pivot’ is the key to our team and in Berge and Sanches we have a perfect pairing to initiate attacks by distributing the ball in an intelligent fashion, to be key players in circulation and to prevent dangerous opposition attacks, being disciplined in positioning and limiting space in between the lines.

The strength of our double pivot is that Sanches can press the ball without leaving lots of space, as Berge can maintain a good position to react if the initial press is bypassed. Our double pivot will offer huge defensive stability and will ensure that a structured shape is maintained.

Having two defensive midfielders centrally prevents others being dragged out of position to press.

Helping the defenders maintain solid positioning is a key part of Sanches’s role, he will press almost anywhere in his own half to allow defenders to stay in the defensive line.

With Sanches running his socks off for the team, our high tempo will dictated by his partner in holding midfield, Sander Berge.

A holding midfielder through and through, Berge is not just your “win the ball and pass it on to the closest player” – there is a real creative mind in his locker, but it’s his ability to be the shield of the back four and then be creative once he gets the ball that makes Berge such a talent.

The attacking unit consists of Harry Wilson, David Brooks and Daniel James as our band of three attacking midfielders with Kasper Dolberg as our lone central striker.

Our 4-2-3-1 is set up to have that wonderful ‘springy' quality - it absorbs pressure without breaking and then snaps back with surprising force.

In defence our 4-2-3-1 covers space very effectively, with the band of three attacking midfielders and centre forward able to press the opposition high up the pitch while the two defensive midfielders ensure that there is no space left in front of the defence. Then the back four can either play a high line, compressing the space even further, or drop deeper as preferred.

Once we have won the ball back, often by Berge or Sanches, then our 4-2-3-1 can spring into attack.

Aarons and Lewis can surge up the wings in the knowledge that Berge and Sanches can drop into the space left behind if needed. As they come up the wings, both Harry Wilson and Daniel James, who are fast speed merchants, excellent in tight spaces and fantastic dribblers will cut inside or make runs into the box. David Brooks our attacking central midfielder’s low centre of gravity will enable him to navigate away from defenders at a frighteningly quick pace. Brooks is blessed with an instant first touch and can dribble with the ball at such a close proximity to his feet that it makes him almost impossible to tackle this creative passer who will look to play Wilson, James and Dolberg in via fast passing combinations.

Up front Dolberg’s biggest strength is his ability to move between the lines, which will make him extremely difficult to mark. Dropping into midfield will allow space for Wilson and James to advance and make runs from out to in. From these positions, they can make attempts on goal. Also, Dolberg has the ability to switch positions with our wide players, allowing them the freedom to move inside.

Dolberg’s speed on and off the ball is an attribute that will cause our opposition lots of problems. His movement deep into midfield will give him the opportunity to receive the ball without being marked and drive with the ball towards the goal.

Subs on 75 mins
Cantwell on for James, Pukki on for Dolberg

Double substitution - Lots of energy in the last 15 minutes to look to trouble the opposition for a late goal regardless of the score line

posted 4 days, 8 hours ago

Attacking high press 3-5-2

A home to Wovles we go with an attacking side, that is firstly solid at the back but more importantly gives us a team to dominate possession. We go with a side with a high work rate, full of energy to press from the front. The defence starts with the front two.

Our formation allows us to dominate possession but also go with two up top. The front two set the tempo for the game with their all action styles. Both have the ability to drop deep and join in the attacks. Bernardo the AM, similarly plays with high intensity. We have three cms able to pick a pass, and with the ability to dictate the tempo of the game and control possession. Neves plays as the deepest cm, Thiago with the inteligence to fill in when needed. Two deep playmakers, with 3 cbs means we can go without a true dm.

The width is provided by the wing backs, and by an over lapping cb. Stealing a Sheffield United tactic, we allow one cb to get forward at a time. Blind/Pavard seeking to overlap the attacking wbs. This will see us always have two cbs and a deep midfielder in front when we attack offering cover.

We will direct our attacks down the wings. Both wing backs will have freedom to attack, bombing down the wings and crossing for the front two. The overlapping cbs, wbs and with front two will give us an overload in attacking situations. .

We defend in a narrow formation, limiting the space for Wolves to play in. The wingback on the opposite side of play will drop back into defence forming a back four. The wb on the side of play helps the cb on the side of play defend against the attacking winger and fb.

The defence and midfield press as a unit, ensuring there is no space between the lines for Wolves attacking mids. When defending, Neves plays zonally in front of the cbs and will pick up the most attacking cm in the area, likely KdB or Silva. Thiago will play ball side of Neves and always press the passing lanes. Thiago will pick up the 2nd most attacking cm if they break forward. Silva presses alongside Bernardo. Jesus looks to exploit the space out wide by their attacking fb and Lauitaro splits the space between their cbs.

When we win the ball we attack at pace. Use the wing backs bombing forward linking with the wide forwards to create.

------------------ Neuer ------------------
------- Pavard -- Varane -- Blind ------
Carvajal ---- Neves -- Thiago.A ---- Mendy
----------------- Bernardo.S ---------------
------------ Jesus ----- Lautaro.M -------

Subs. Schmeichel, Grimaldo, Rodri, Ndombele, Coutinho, Son Heung-min, Ronaldo


When we lose the ball high up the park we always look to win it back straight away, don’t give Wolves a chance to counter. The closest 2/3 players press. Allowing others to get back into position behind the ball. Neuer also guards against hopeful long balls over the top in his sweeper keeper role.

In a narrow, rigid formation, we will look to press the space, not allowing them options. Keep them from advancing to positions where they can’t hurt us, by trying to win the ball back very quickly. Then break quickly in these high positions when we do win the ball.

When Wolves get past the initial press higher up the park, we drop deeper into a narrower tighter formation narrowing to the side of play, ensuring there are no gaps in the formation set out above. Our defence have fantastic pace up against their forwards, bide their time, not diving in.


We counter quickly when we win the ball aiming our attacks down the wings. If the counter is not on we look to get the wing backs and wide forwards doubling up on their fbs.

The back 3 are all comfortable on the ball and look to play out, helping us move the ball quickly having a strong base. Neuer's accurate long balls will also help as we seek to counter quickly exposing space left by Wolves in attack.

If winning after 68 mins bring on Grimaldo for Mendy. Fresh legs and pace in an important position.
If winning after 72 bring on Rodri for Neves. Fresh legs in midfield.
If winning after 75 mins bring on Son for Jesus.

If drawing or losing after 70 mins bring on Ronaldo and Coutinho for Jesus and Lautaro. 3-4-2-1.
If drawing or losing after 75 mins bring on Son for Neves. Bernardo moves deeper, Coutinho in front. Attacking 3-5-2.

posted 4 days, 1 hour ago

---------------------- A.Lunin ---------------------
Cancelo ---- De Ligt ------ Umtiti ---- F.Mendy
------------ Busquets ------ A.Rabiot ------------
---------------------- J.Felix -----------------------
Sancho ------------------------------- Hudson-Odoi
---------------------- Aguero -----------------------

Whiteman, Godin, Vidal, Eriksen, Bale, Asensio, Icardi

Captain: Busquets
Free Kicks: Felix
Penalties: Aguero
Corners: Sancho

Moving the ball at speed will be the focus of our play as we go with an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation today as we aim for 3 points. We go with three exciting youngsters behind Aguero. Offering a perfect blend of pace, trickery and unpredictability that will cause plenty of problems for the opposition defence. We feel that this front four combined pose threats from all angles with plenty of goals in our lineup. We will look to dictate the play and take the game to the opposition. When they’re in possession we sit deep, our dual DM’s marshalling middle of the park, breaking down the opposition and setting up us on the counter. We feel that we have the perfect set up to open them up on the counter with terrific pace out wide which will cause problems all afternoon for their fullbacks.

Whilst the opposition have some dangerous players we will look to significantly limit their impact by retaining possession, we will force them to track back or risk leaving their defence exposed when we push forward in numbers. We aim to make things uncomfortable for them and feel that limiting their ability to have the ball in attacking areas will severely limit any threat posed. When they are in possession our wingers drop in as we play a compact 4-5-1 formation.


We go with a strong defensive unit, packed with quality and experience we look to nullify the threat posed by the oppositions attack. We will look to be dominant and physically impose ourselves early on. If the opposition play one up top then Umtiti will mark. Quick, strong and aggressive we feel he has all the tools to deal with any opponent. De Ligt will sweep up and cover in behind, a fantastic reader at the back he will look to drop off and act as secondary cover to deal with any balls in behind. We feel it’s inevitable they’ll go with a pact striker and whilst Umtiti is quick, having De Ligt drop in behind him will help nullify the threat they pose. The Dutchman sweeping up from the back and immediately looking to get us on the counter with his fantastic vision and passing.

Our fullbacks will stick tight to the wide men, safe in the knowledge that they have supporting cover in behind with Busquets also drifting across from DM to offer additional support. When in possession both Cancelo and Mendy have license to push forward with both having great quality in the final third. We look to draw the opposition onto us by sitting deep when they are in possession, limiting the space in behind and drawing them further up the field creating space for us to hit them on the counter.


Busquets will be our holding player in the middle. A top class DM we rely on his fantastic reading of the game to break up the opposition play, winning back possession and setting us up on the counter as we look to get the ball into our creative players as quickly as possible. He’ll pick up their most advanced AM and cut out their supply line. He’s also a fantastic passer which will be key in winning the midfield battle and ball retention. Alongside him we have the classy Rabiot. A great passer and defensively strong he forms the perfect double pivot in front of our defence. He and Busquets will control that area of the field and look to physically impose themselves on the opposition, winning back possession and getting the ball into our attacking players as quickly as possible.

Completing our midfield we have the exciting Joao Felix. He plays in the AM role and has free roam to push forward as a SS when in possession . A player with superb vision he will look to get on the ball as much as possible, running at the opposition with his silky dribbling, drawing them in and committing a defender before sliding the ball through to Aguero or one of our wingers. He’s also a great goal scorer, perfectly capable of arriving late in the opposition box to finish and we encourage to make these runs and go for goal, safe in the knowledge he has two defensively strong CM’s behind him.


We mix things up in attack, going with the pace and trickery of Sancho and CHO out wide with predator Aguero through the middle. We look to utilise the pace of our wide players, specifically looking for them on the counter as we break at speed and look to tear through the opposition. Sancho has the option to go down the line or come inside, with the youngster an assist machine and with the clever runs from Aguero we expect him to thrive. We want CHO to stay out wide, use his pace down the line and cut back for Aguero to slot home and in doing so creating space in the middle of the park for Felix to exploit. Felix will also look to drift out wide at times, pulling the opposition DM with him and creating space for Sancho and CHO to cut inside and go direct for goal.

Aguero plays through the middle. The brief is simple for the Argentine, get into the box and do what you do best. With the pace we have out wide and the late runs of Felix into the box Aguero could well find himself in one on one match ups in which he’s deadly. Play on the shoulder of the last man and as always be on your toes in the box, ready to pounce and finish anything that comes your way.


If winning:
70 mins: CHO off, Vidal on. 4-5-1 with an extra man in the middle.
80 mins: Felix off, Godin on. Shut up shop time as we bring on an additional CB, switching to 5-4-1 as we look to see the game out.

If drawing:
60 mins: Rabiot off, Eriksen on. Extra creativity.
70 mins: CHO off, Asensio on. Extra goal threat with a potential match winner.
80 mins: Aguero off, Icardi on. Fresh legs and the perfect poacher against a tiring defence.

If losing:
60 mins: Busquets off, Eriksen on.
70 mins: Rabiot and Umtiti off, Asensio and Icardi on. All out attack.

comment by JET (U1212)

posted 4 days ago

Team to face Tottenham (h)

----------------------- Ederson ------------------------
Pereira --- Marquinhos --- Maguire ---– A Sandro
------------ Doucoure ------- L Modric --------------
---- Isco ------------ Maddison ----------- Koke ----
------------------------ Vardy -------------------------

Subs: Martinez, Akanji, Tierney, Willock, Brandt, Lainez, Vardymeyang

Captain: Ederson
Corners: Maddison
PK: Vardy
FK: Maddison

A must win for us today, we are on good form and the home team. We need to take the game to Tottenham today and set a high intensity from the start, working hard for each other to get the points.

We will look to counter their press by using the pace of Isco and Vardy. Whilst we want to control possession across the pitch, if the short pass isn’t on and Tottenham are pressing around the park, we won’t be scared to clip the ball toward Isco and Vardy. Vardy is yet to score in this league, despite being on great form in real life so now is his time.

We’ve gone to a 4-2-3-1 formation today as we feel with the 11 we have a very strong and balanced squad to both counteract the opposition but also play to our strengths. We have a great attacking setup to take advantage of weaknesses in the oppositions defence. Isco and Vardy will lead the attacking outlets with their significant pace and brilliant movement and ingenuity to score in vital moments of the game. We will take control of the game with our confident and well balanced midfield.

In goal we have a goalkeeper with excellent footwork, allowing for us to play out from the back, and two of the best central defenders in Europe that provide a mix of on the ball ability, experience, pace and strength. Maguire and Marquinhos both have phenomenal reading of the game, which will help to outsmart their striker.

Going forward Pereira and Sandro can offer a lot, stretching the pitch and with their attacking players with low defensive work rate, our full backs can have a lot of joy going forward. In midfield Doucoure will look to drop back and help the defence when the full backs are contributing to the attack. Doucoure should be the distruptor in the midfield, looking to stop Tottenham ever finding momentum.

All around the park our team will work hard to help each other in possession. None of these players are scared of the ball and that should show, for example, if Sandro has it on the left, Maguire, Koke, Modric and Maddison should be an option for a short pass – if Tottenham press all these options, there should be room to clip the ball long towards Vardy, who will be on the shoulder, or switch to Isco, we won’t be afraid to go direct to these options should it be the best opportunity, equally we will be patient and not give the ball away easily, happy to keep the ball with our CBs and GK and midfielders that are very comfortable on the ball, working in triangles until an opportunity presents itself. Vardy has probably the best attacking movement in the world, and so he will always be a handful for their defenders to contain and always getting into positions to score.

At the heart of midfield we have Modric and Doucoure. Doucoure will naturally sit a little deeper, with Modric in a playmaker role. A great mix of physical and technical attributes between the duo which will help counter the possession based footballers Tottenham have in midfield. Whilst they have some technically sound players in midfield, we feel they can be beaten by superior physicality and disruption. We want to get in their faces and use our physicality and technical arrogance to disrupt their rhythm.

Maddison will have a free reign in attacking midfield to do what he does best. The playmaker drifting into wide areas to work with the overlapping wing backs, and also supporting the two brilliant strikers ahead of him. When not in possession, Maddison should also ensure he drops behind the ball and presses the opposition midfield, filling areas of space in front of the midfield and defence to ensure it is not easy for our opponents to play out from deep areas. We will have the hunger in the strikers and Maddison to win the ball back quick and force mistakes.

Koke is vital on the left to provide the team with balance. He will be working hard to both defend and attack and also help in the midfield battle, coming central when required. Sandro will look for the overlap where possible and then the Brazilian left back will look for Vardy with low balls into the box. The same will be the case on the right with Isco, with the Ivorian so dangerous cutting inside onto his favoured left foot. The excellent Pereira will be available for the overlap to leave Tottenham defenders guessing when we attack from wide areas. Vardy will always be lurking in the box getting on the end of low driven balls from the wingers and full backs. Stretching the Tottenham defence will only create more room centrally for Maddison and Modric to create and dominate.

Vardy can exploit their main weakness which I feel is central defence. They lack sharpness and acceleration in this area and that is where Vardy excels, so he will be very dangerous.

Attacking shape example (an attack on the right – full backs influential in attack, Doucoure the security blanket)
Isco cuts inside with the ball, with Pereira overlapping. Doucoure sits back to help blunt any potential counter to us. Modric keeps the game ahead of him to dictate the tempo, Koke comes narrow to help support the midfield battle, preventing the counter and offering himself as a possession retention option. Maddison will float and find pockets of space, Vardy stays in the box, hunting for areas to apply the killer instinct. Vardy, the top scorer in the Premier League, can also add something vital, fresh pressing and clinical in front of goal – we feel he deserved the start today after very impressive form in both this league and the PL.

Sub intructions:
After 60 mins – Willock and Brandt for Modric and Isco.
After 75 mins – Aubameyang for Vardy

posted 3 days, 20 hours ago

PORTSMOUTH vs man city

---------------------------------------De Gea-----------------------------------

Subs - Butland, Ndidi, Rice, Sessegnon, Bailey, Kluivert, Leao


When we don't have possession of the ball in our half I want the whole team except the strikers to get in our half and defend. Play a deep defensive line so that oppo can't use their pacy forwards to beat the offside trap. When we win possession of the ball I want the players to keep hold of possession and try and work some space. We have good ball players in Fabian and Verratti in the centre and they will help keep us ticking.

De Gea in net, command your box and don't do anything flashy. The defence is well balanced, with all 3 CB's having the pace and power to play the 3atb formation with ease. Koulibaly will focus on the oppo striker and will look to stick close to him and to watch out for his attacking runs. Use your superior strength to get the better of him. Militao and Ramos will look to stop the oppo LW/RW from creating chances as they will be helping our wingbacks double up on them. When either Militao or Ramos go to help the wingbacks I want Verratti to just sit a little more deep as to give Koulibaly some extra cover should someone from the opposition midfield make a late run into the box. Wingbacks will start of with a conservative mind set and not attack too much but as the game goes on I want them to make overlapping runs and get some crosses in to the box. Watch out for oppo wingers and stop them cutting in onto their stronger foot.

Centre Mids
Fabian + Verratti
Verratti will be the more defensive of the two as I want him to focus on helping out in covering for our wingbacks when they are out of position. Main job is to get the ball from deep and look to open up the oppo with your superb range of passing. Use your low centre of gravity to get away from oppo challenges and play quick simple passes with your teammates to work some space in the middle. Also when the oppo AM has the ball close him down asap don't give him time on the ball. Fabian will play a b2b role. Make runs forward and play pass and move passes with teammates and help the attack whenever you can. They both will be the engines that keep us ticking in the middle.

Wing backs
AWB + Atal
AWB and Atal will look to help both in attack and defence. When the oppo has the ball come back into the defence to make a rock solid back 5. Make forays forward when we have the ball in the oppos side of the pitch but track back when we don't. Get some low crosses into the box as my strikers are good at playing in between the lines.

Attack Mid
Goretzka will be playing as the AM today. I want him to use his great dribbling ability and passing to create chances for our 2 strikers up front. Look out for the runs of our attackers and make late runs into the box whenever you can. Shoot from range if you see an opportunity.

Jovic + Werner
I want both the strikers to use their pace and play off of the oppo shoulders and try and beat the offside trap. Be aware of lofted through balls and time your runs as best as you can. When in the box use your quickness and agility to get into good positions away from oppo defenders. Play quick one two's with each other to penetrate the oppo defence.

Take off Jovic and put on Rice in DM to give the defence even more protection. Formation will be 361 and AWB and Atal will make less attacking runs now. Ndidi on for Goretzka aswell on 80mins if still leading.

Take off Verratti and put on Leao in strike. Leao will play in the middle of Werner and Jovic who will become a front 3. Play close to each other and put a tonne of pressure in the oppo defence. Defend high up and try and score a goal.

Leao on for Jovic
Bailey on for Goretzka
Ndidi on for Fabian
Fresh legs.

For all off the sending off scenarios we will change the formation to 3411.
If GK is sent off take off Jovic and put on Butland. Formation will be 3411.
If any of my back 3 get sent off take off Jovic and put on Rice in CB.
If any of my WB's get sent off take off Jovic and put on Sessegnon at WB.
If my attack mid gets sent off take off Jovic and put on Bailey in AM.
If any of my 2 strikers get sent off don't change anything.

posted 3 days, 20 hours ago

SOTON vs Newcastle


Subs - Meslier, Kabak, Torreira, Lo Celso, Pulisic, Kean, Piatek


I want us to hold a deep defensive line to start of with so the oppo don't get an early goal. Keep things simple in the beginning and only pressure the oppo when they get in our half. When we have the ball I want the team to play pass and move football. Don't stay static, try and get in behind the oppo defence as there is a lot of pace in our attacking players. As the game goes on, when we don't have the ball I want the team to defend from the front line and pressure the oppo and try and win possession back. Do this in fits and bursts as it is a tiring tactic.

GK to be confident in box. Don't take risks. Punch the ball away if the shot is too powerful. Command your area. The defence is well balanced. Upamecano and Dias bring a lot of strength and pace to the defence. Dias will marshal the defence and Upamecano will look to use his pace to close the oppo strikers down. Stay vocal with each other and cover for each other if oppo gets past one of you. Full backs will start of with a conservative mind set and not attack too much but as the game goes on I want them to make overlapping runs and get some crosses in to the box. Torreira will be covering for them when they go attacking.

Defence Mids
McTominay + Aouar
McTominay will be the anchor in the middle. Stay back in front of the defence and protect the defence with your life. If the oppo play an AM then stick close to him and mark him if possible. When our fullbacks are attacking then your main priority will be to cover for them. When in possession pass the ball out to the wings but don't try any risky passes.
Aouar will look to pick the ball up from deep and use his pace and energy to dribble the ball out. Make runs forward and help our attacking players whenever you can. Play quick passes forward and use your agility to outmanoeuvre the oppo players. When not in possession of the ball I want him to sit alongside McTominay in the middle and protect the defence.

Neres + Rashford
These 2 will be the focal point of my attack. I want to give them the freedom to express themselves in attack. Rashford will be looking to cut in from the left and Neres will be looking to cut in from the right. I want you both to try and beat the oppo fullbacks with your pace and dribbling ability but don't try too hard as if you see them doubling up on you you can either pass back or into the centre of the pitch to one of our CM's. I want you both to be aware of our fullbacks and play pass and move 1 2's with them to try and penetrate the oppo back line. Odriozola and Vinagre are no slouches attacking wise so use them! If you can cut in onto your stronger foot, don't be afraid to shoot from range as you both have the ability to score from long range. If there is no space to do so then take the ball to the byline and whip in crosses for Kean to get his head on. Help our FB's in defensive duties if the oppo winger is trying to take them on. Track back and double up on him or mark the run of the opposition FB if they try to make an overlapping run. When we are defending corners I want both of them to stay near the halfway line so we can hit the oppo on the counter attack.

Attack Mid
Ødegaard will be playing just behind Richarlison and will look to help him out in attack. Be ready for passes into your feet and shoot if you see an opportunity. Mix up your attacking runs to throw off the oppo DM. I want him to dribble with the ball and play 1 2's with the rest of the team. Shoot if you see an opening.

Richarlison is a striker that has the deadly combination of pace and power. He will look to use his strength to get the better of the oppo defence. Be vary of crosses into the box as you are decent in the air, and if you are through on goal, use your expert finishing to score. Time your runs off the shoulders of the oppo CB's and use your pace to get away from them.

Put on Piatek for Aouar and Lo Celso for Ødegaard to bring some more attacking impetus on. Play a high line and try and get a goal. Change formation to 41212.

-----------------------------------------Lo Celso-------------------------------

Take off Ødegaard and put on Kabak in CB. Play defensive with everyone in our own half defending for their lives, waiting to hit the oppo on the counter attack. Pulisic on for Neres and Torreira for Aouar to add a bit more defensive energy into the midfield.


Pulisic on for Neres
Lo Celso on for Ødegaard
Piatek on for Richarlison
Fresh legs to bring on.

posted 2 days, 15 hours ago

Attacking 4-3-3

We aim to dominate the midfield and control the game playing a copy of Pep's City formation. With great pace at the back, we play a reasonably high line, using our two pacey wingers to stretch the game and pin back the opposition full backs, creating the space for our get our central to dominate possession of the ball.

We have four of City's key midfielders from last season, while Danilo and Mahrez also add a former City partnership on the right.

Going forward we look to use the ability of our central trio in tight spaces to get behind the midfield, and then play one of our attacking trio through on goal. We will look to spread the ball wide, get our wingers on the last men in defence. They stay wide on the touchline in the first two thirds of the park. In the final third they have freedom to stay wide or to look to get inside their man and through on goal.

One full back bombs forward at a time, combining with the winger to double up on the opposition full back.

Defensively we drop into a narrow 4-1-4-1 formation. The two wide men get back in to help us defend in a narrow shape. Fernandinho the midfielder dropping deeper behind the midfield four, sweeping up any danger in between the lines as the free man. The four midfielders in front of him look to press the ball, as the whole side narrows to the side of play. Closing out any space.

Tomori is the central forward that man marks their forward, he has the pace and power to mark their most advanced forward. Rudiger reading the play and mopping up is the sweeper of the two. Both importantly are strong on the ball.

----------------- Arrizabalaga
Danilo ----- Rudiger ----- Tomori ---- Theo.H
------------------ Fernandinho
----------- Gundogan---- Allan
Mahrez -------------------------------- Di Maria
-------------------- Benzema

Subs: Henderson, Hakimi, Allan, Elmas, T.Lemar, A.Harit, Abraham

Our defensive unit consists of Rudiger and Tomori paired up at centre-back, Danilo at right-back and Hernandez at left-back, with Fernandinho as our defensive midfielder screening them.

Helping the defenders maintain solid positioning is a key part of Fernandinho's role, he will press almost anywhere in his own half to allow the bank of four defenders and midfielders to maintain their position, ensuring the zonal structure shape is maintained with no space for the opposition to work in.

We will control the tempo of our attacking play. Looking to play quickly when we feel we can counter, or slow the play when the opposition are back in a solid structure.

One of Danilo or Theo can surge up the wings in the knowledge that there are three other defenders to cover. As they come up the wings, both Mahrez and di Maria who are excellent in tight spaces and fantastic dribblers will cut inside or make runs into the box.

Our two central midfielders are excellent in tight spaces and will look to link up with the wingers, playing quick one twos to set them off into space, or taking the time to play daring through balls that will cut the opposition open.

Cutrone will occupy the opposition’s centre backs, holding up possession and looking to turn the defender and shoot. He’ll be strong in the air and look out for his teammates trying to pick him out from deep. He'll get in the box, and always provide an option for the wide players. The winger opposite play always looks to get into the box adding an extra option for the wide player looking to cross or create in the middle.

If winning after 70 mins bring on Elmas for Gundogan. Fresh energy.
If winning after 75 mins bring on Abraham for Benzema and Harit for di Maria. Fresh power up top to hold up the ball and link play, and fresh pace on the wing.

If drawing
If drawing after 75 mins bring on Allan for Fernandinho. Fresh power.
If drawing after 80 mins bring on Harit for Gundogan.

If losing after 60 mins bring on Harit for Allan.
If losing after 65 mins bring on Hakimi for Danilo.
If losing after 70 mins bring on Abraham for Gundogan. 4-2-2-2. More direct.

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