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Rochdale v Bolton Wanderers

The first of 3 trips to spotland this season tonight as bolton enter the efl cup at the first stage. A break from league football and a chance to compete on a level playing field with no points deduction. A win tonight could be very valuable under the circumstances, a tie in the 2nd or 3rd round against a big club bringing in valuable income with the club still in administration and possibly worse after going back to court on Wednesday. Team news. Erhun Otzhumer added to the long term injury list joining josh earl and connor hall in sickbay. Ben alnwick has been reported ill. Looks like remi matthews, Jason lowe and luke Murphy have made themselves available for this game. Parky is likely to juggle the young players around as some simply won't be able to play 2 games a week at their stage of development. A likely debut for Jordan boon who signed a new contract this summer. 7.45 kick off.

posted 22 hours, 27 minutes ago

My gut feeling is football ventures want out as lost investors. Failed to buy the club once before. Wonder if bassini will charge to the rescue on his white charger. In other news otzhumer has signed for Charlton. Fair enough exercising his right to leave on a free. Nice little earner for him, signing on fee and 2 year contract.

posted 20 hours, 58 minutes ago

Hang on a minute is our index of Plans stolen from Sesame Street?
A is for Admin
B is for Bassini
C is for Cunning
D is for Disappear
They even did a song as well didn't they perhaps admins are singing it.

posted 18 hours, 49 minutes ago

It's good to have a little humour injected into the waiting game.

Benny, FV pulled out because Anderson tried to shaft them by not declaring the true value of the debts that were owed by the club. The accountants that FV brought in to check the accounts found them and they decided that the cost was too high. These people aren't idiots they are educated, business people who won't pay over the odds for a business.

posted 16 hours, 38 minutes ago

Football ventures have been preferred bidders for 47 days now. Clearly only interested in the hotel letting the football side go to ruin. Maybe hotel ventures would be a more appropriate title. Expecting them to quickly disappear once someone else is announced as the owner of the hotel.

posted 16 hours, 16 minutes ago

I know its bad here but seems a lot worse at bury. Bury player Stephen dawson on the brink of losing his house. Both he and chairman Steve Dale had a bit of a Dingdong on talksport. Worth listening to https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1162330968604237824

posted 16 hours, 13 minutes ago

We have a match tomorrow and our main concern at the moment is running out of players.

The takeover Soap has been flogged to death all we have to show for it is a preferred bidder for the club who is 50 days old on Monday and a bunch of solicitors and admins taking money away from where we really need it on the footballing side of things.

posted 15 hours, 43 minutes ago

Still be here at Christmas. Can the takeover be done before the January transfer window shuts. Wages due at the end of the month. Will there be any money to pay? Whens the tipping point where its not viable staying in administration?

posted 15 hours, 14 minutes ago

On that Bury issue and talksport interview Jill Neville was mentioned at the end she walked away from the club.
Too many clubs have problems the Governments governance of sport paper was supposed to address the poor management of sports by their governing bodies many of them seem to have gone into self preservation mode leading them to neglect their main responsibilities.

Looking at Bury if it was in a mess hiding behind the picture painted how come Steve Dale was allowed to buy it blind not knowing what was hiding behind the sales blurb. Shouldn't the EFL have something which states full discloser must be made by the clubs sellers with all data to enable due diligence to be completed before the EFL can consider looking at the buyers suitability to own the club that would save a lot of messing about admins/sellers would have had to disclose everything before asking for bids and none of this secret paid for data room malarkey as in our case that would enable the EFL to see what was required to buy a club add on the actually costs of running it for 2yrs and test a potential owner and their plans against that.
Its about time the governors governed at the EFL and got tough with the sellers and buyers of clubs.

posted 14 hours, 4 minutes ago

Thought I'd close the thread with a link to the highlights and a couple of Bolton goals. Quite rare these days. https://youtu.be/yveb1um5bko

posted 5 hours, 35 minutes ago

That's cheating closing this before the new matchday thread is up what would we have done if we had signed Messi on loan or the takeover had been completed in the wee small hours

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