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Championship Manager 01/02

The best manager game ever made!

who agrees?

you could play a season in about 3 hours!
Rangers had the likes of DeBoer, Flo and Mols etc
Celtic had Sutton, Larsson Hartson etc

Mark Kerr always ended up one of the best players in the game
Maxim Tsigalko was amazing always scored a barrel load.
few others who I used to sign, Julius Aghahowa, Stefan Selkovic, Kim Kallstrom

Used to get Pep Guardiola and Taribo West on a free at the start

Im going to get a new laptop this week sometime and purcgase the new Football Manager 2012, it will never be a patch on 01/02 though

posted on 24/10/11

Make sure you sell that guy upfront for you henrik something not sure his surname

comment by Ghod#18 (U9390)

posted on 24/10/11

i used to pure get worked up when i was away to rangers, change formation n stuff haha

anyone else like commentate on the games ?

posted on 24/10/11


i dont but i habit of shouting "as if that would even f...ing happen!"

"thats it im no playing anymore, $hite game, isnae even real!"

all this without turning it off

comment by Ghod#18 (U9390)

posted on 24/10/11

my favourite was if you dont score im not saving it

posted on 24/10/11

i used to make empty threats as well to my players pure unreasonable as well.

"u dont save this penalty ur gettin sold!"

"right thats it, i warned u!"

2 mins later hes been transfer listed, moaned at and fined 2 weeks wages

posted on 24/10/11

I used to put a suit on and sit at my computer, then on match days change into my trackies

posted on 24/10/11

Ah football manager the destroyer of relationships

Seriously though my mrs hates Fm.

On 01/02 think carew still plays in Norway and scores for fun.

posted on 24/10/11

I wish I played in Sweden and scored for fun

posted on 24/10/11

The best of the whole lot

I tried playing the next few after and couldnt take to them. Won the CL with Celtic, beating Leeds 1-0 in the final without cheating by the way!

My fav players where:

Nigmatullin GK
Chiotis GK
Assane N'Diaye CB/MD
Okoronkwo CB
Van Der Vaart

posted on 24/10/11

Been playing 01/02 onto my 15th season and Bangurra's still no scored! Fekkin larsson!!!!!!!

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