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posted on 30/3/12

I love the smell at the Speedway, used to go with the old man when i was younger!

Its a good night out but F1 and MotoGP will always be bigger i'm afraid mate!

comment by Maяcо (U1329)

posted on 30/3/12

They will 'cos that's where the money is!

Speedway GP is brilliant, the Elite League stuff is not so thrilling in all honesty... I just stick to watching the top boys in the GP

Where did you used to go?

Me and my Dad used to go to Long Eaton Invaders during the 80's and early 90's but the track is closed down now

Jan Staechmann!

Carl Stonehewer!!

Maddog Martin Dixon!!!

Happy days.

posted on 30/3/12

I'm told i've been to most tracks in the country, cant remember all of them though.

Went to The Brandon Stadium mostly, in the Kelvin Tatum days... though he was injured quite often!

I think the elite league has struggled in recent years, like most sports, i watch it when its on... love a bit of Charlie Webster .

What channel is showing the GP's?

comment by Maяcо (U1329)

posted on 30/3/12

It's on Sky Sports 1 @ 4am.

Once the season gets going, they are on pretty much every other Saturday around 7/8pm are are a cracking watch.

Can't get up for the "Elite League", the standard has diluted so much over the last 3 or 4 years most of the heat leaders would have been reserves 10 years ago!

posted on 30/3/12

I'll set the Sky+ for it.... is bomber Harris riding?

comment by Maяcо (U1329)

posted on 2/4/12

Well at least he was there in spirit...

Hancock does it again, legend!

posted on 4/5/13

New season underway now. Polish GP on Eurosport right now.

posted on 4/8/16

Chris Kirkland: Ex-England and Liverpool keeper leaves Bury without playing a game

posted on 4/3/17

Welsh Premier League: The New Saints seal an 11th Welsh title

posted on 28/9/18

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel says he still has "a fair chance" of catching Lewis Hamilton in their title battle.

posted on 30/3/19

The catfish has been "relocated" to a fully enclosed lake with help from the Catfish Conservation Group.

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