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WWE Profiles Vader: Talks 'Demons'

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posted on 26/5/11

Good and informational peice. Sadly that's common place with alot of the veterans who dedicate their life to the biz but never it big I.e Cena Orton etc etc

posted on 26/5/11

It's strange that Vader became more popular in Japan than he did in the US.

I guess this piece by WWE is partly to do with them recently acquiring his son to a Developmental deal.

posted on 26/5/11

Yea EVERTHING wwe do there is always a political reason for it.

What alot of people don't realise that outside the wwe there is still a life in wrestling. Many of the guys who don't go to wwe or have failed in wwe go to Japan and be a success, Prince Albert being an example

posted on 26/5/11


It's also down to look, you look at guys like Albert, Vader they didn't suit the Vince 'look', same as with MVP, he's gone to Japan and made a name for himself.

posted on 26/5/11

Japen love brash in your face wrestling and thats what Vader and Albert were all about.

There was I Talking to you with the previous comments on this thread thinking you might not know much and that you were new. Its weird how you get a perception of people straight away

posted on 26/5/11

Yeah, it's the name, throws people off. That's the thing about new forums.

I'm glad MVP had the balls to go to Japan and make something of himself. I hated his gimmick in the 'E yet, his character in TNA had some substance. Another 'pop culture' signing by Vince.

It's amazing how underutilized people like Vader and Albert were. They were legitimate monsters and could easily get over as main event heel.

posted on 26/5/11

That's why I hope CM Punk doesn't sign and makes it somewhere else maybe go back to ROH or Japan. He would be wasted in TNA also.

I think once MVP has established himself in Japan he'll be back in the e without a doubt, that's all wwe are about these days bringing in the latest hottest property instead of making their own stars.

posted on 26/5/11

Punk is seriously wasted in the 'E. It's such a poor effort creatively to see what they have done with the Nexu. It had the potential to be huge on a NWO scale. You could've added Ziggler to the mix to give it more 'main event' credibility but now Punk is like a lamb to the slaughter.

He'll go and end up back in ROH with any luck. I just hope he doesn't go to TNA.

posted on 26/5/11

Ziggler has gone back to blond whats up with that.

I bet it's all because Punk doesn't fall in line like the ortons and cenas, I'd go as far to say he's his own man to some degree because he knows he's that dam good and wwe dont like it.

The Ortons and Cenas know they cant survive in a non wwe enviroment - Punk knows he can

posted on 26/5/11

His run at the moment is down to his contract issues. Vince has previous for burying people who refuse to sign new contracts. Just look at Batista's feud with Cena for how far he will go.

Didn't know Ziggles had gone back to blond, good move though, he looked like a generic wrestler.

posted on 26/5/11

He's on a 13 month ppv losing streak im not sure if his contract issues would go back as far as that I may be wrong only they will know.

Im well aware what wwe/Vince is like just look at the send off Lita got also. Over the last 20 years I bet if we really thought about it there be a big number of people that got a send off like that.

posted on 26/5/11

By demons, he's referring to the WWF booking team right?

Everywhere he went he was a star, and WWF c0cked that up!

comment by (U5529)

posted on 27/5/11

WWF always had an issue about his weight - ignoring that, even though he was a bit bulky, he was still a top notch worker. So there's no chance they'll sign (and ruin) Kevin Steen anytime soon.

As a sidenote, his son Jesse White began his wrestling career in Japan last year, and has been signed by WWE. He's about 150lbs lighter than his father...

posted on 12/5/16


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