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Say Hello!!!

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posted on 10/6/11

I don't like Gaelic football

posted on 10/6/11

from Dublin
Dubs for sam!
Dubs for liam!

posted on 21/7/11

oh to,oh to be,oh to be a lily!!!!!!!!!!! cmon kildare

posted on 27/7/11

up kerry

posted on 3/8/11

From Lancs

Oh Lanky Lanky
Lanky Lanky Lanky Lanky Lancashire !!!!!
Who are ye?? Who are ye???

(Is Kerry a looker)

Its a

posted on 10/8/11

OP, I bet you feel like a clown now after the Dubs demolition job on Tyrone.

Dubs 4 Sam

posted on 3/1/13

Comment deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 1/3/14

Abu Deise

posted on 27/1/19


Say hello to the girl that I am.

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