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We are edging closer to the one year anniversary since the shameful sacking of Poch and the glorious appointment of the serial winner, the man that would lead us to that elusive league cup that would somehow make everything ok. But... I stand by what I said at the time. If you appoint men on their way down, they take you down with them. If you want to progress as a club you need to appoint men on their way up - be it manager or players (cough Bale cough).

I would say we are at the stage now where we are virtually unwatchable, it’s literally that bad. The pre lockdown performances were dreadful, lockdown arriving saved Jose. The post lockdown performances were very poor, horrifically grinding out a last minute Europa place. The performance against Everton was unbelievably bad and Jose should thank his lucky stars the stadium was empty as it would at that point have been, quite rightly, toxic.

Tonight we needed a bunch of Bulgarian goat herders to go down to 9 men before we could draw level with them. Embarrassing is not the word. I don’t care that Bale or Reguilon are due - we should have been doing much better with the players at our disposal already without pinning what’s left of our hopes on a 31 year old ex player.

For those fools that think Mourinho still has it, let me spell it out: HE IS FINISHED. If you can’t see it you are either blind or deluded. His football is beyond atrocious, the way he sets us up is a disgrace. He is miles behind the modern tactical curve. He alienates players. He invests in short term solutions. We have made, and will continue to make NO PROGRESS under him.

The day he facks off out of this club I will put the facking flags out.

posted on 18/9/20

I never clicked on them; why would I waste my time?

posted on 18/9/20

Seeing as none of them agreed with your claim that he was awful I doubt it tbf

You sure that you don't want to change your conclusion now that you've looked over some evidence?

"Sessegnon had an up and down first season in the premier league which saw him post up some relatively impressive numbers whilst also having occasional poor spells of form. Whilst this was perhaps disappointing given how excellent he was in the championship, it was hardly a disastrous debut season for an 18 year old playing in one of the worst sides in the division."

I think that would be harder to argue with

posted on 18/9/20

comment by Laugh at Messi (U18355)
posted 53 minutes ago
You are entitled to your opinion. From all the reviews Sessegnon got in the Championship, I expected way more than what he achieved. If you want to look at someone who was impressive for a relegated team, looks at the likes of Maguire, Mitrovic, Puuki etc

Sessegnon was nowhere near a stand out player and if I remember correctly ended up on the bench for Fulham quite often as the season went on. Again I think the only reason a Spurs signed him was based on his performances in the Championship as they wanted and probably would have got him a season earlier if Fulham didn’t go up
I literally said like 100 comments ago that I was wrong to say that Sessegnon was awful. This is the comment that you are all crying about, and those articles agree with what I’m saying. Take your L like I did and move on

posted on 18/9/20

Tbf it’s hard to remember what stuff you’ve admitted to be wrong about as there’s been so much

posted on 18/9/20

Right so you just decided to start posting articles about how sessegnon wasn't as good in the premier league even though everyone agrees that this is the case

Thanks for that

posted on 18/9/20

Not that he wasn’t AS good

The he wasn’t good

posted on 18/9/20

comment by MKspur ツ - The Fountain of Knowledge (U9129)
posted 15 minutes ago
Tbf it’s hard to remember what stuff you’ve admitted to be wrong about as there’s been so much
Fountain of knowledge clearly isn’t sarcasm in your mind

posted on 18/9/20

This was an entertaining thread to read back

posted on 19/9/20

comment by Ace (U22467)
posted 1 day, 5 hours ago

Mate, we were utter dog s*** under Pochettino for the best part of the year brother. Are you conveniently forgetting the away form we had under Pochettino in his last season? We had one of the worse away records in the league mate. Don’t even bother making me write you a list of the atrocious games we had to sit through under Poch. I love Pochettino, but his time had to come to an end because he wasn’t getting the results required. Mourinho has come in , which is basically Pochettino’s team and took over a very depleted squad that needed major reinforcements. This summer touch wood, that bald bas*** has finally realised we need to spend on quality and it looks like Mourinho will finally he backed. How about let’s wait and see what Mourinho can do with his own team first ?

Don, I don’t know why whenever the criticisms of Jose start flying you have to bring up Pochs final stand. It’s of no consequence and I’m forgetting nothing, we were terrible. But the serial winner has been in post nearly a year. Where’s the progress?

And, as you’ve mentioned it, Poch spent £5m net per season for five years and took us to 3rd, then second on 86 points with the best GD, then 3rd, 4th and a CL final. That is a remarkable effort and it’s disgusting that certain Spurs fans try to denigrate his work to justify Jose’s position. The staleness and fatigue that dragged us down in Poch’s last 9 months was an inevitable consequence of 18 months lack of investment from Levy when it was clear the squad needed rebuikding. Poch himself said we needed to be brave, act big. He got nothing. He should’ve been afforded the luxury of our time and money, he’d earned it, not Mourinho. Levy is a disgrace for going behind Poch’s back after failing to back him, for appointing a big name on his way down he has if his own fan boyism, and for selling us down the river to Amazon for a handful of silver.
100 x this

posted on 19/9/20

comment by ● Billy The Yidd ● 2020* (U3924)
posted 1 day, 4 hours ago
comment by Donny The King van de Beek (U10026)
posted 37 seconds ago
He doesn’t deserve any respect for the way he managed Manchester United.
Oh, so you`d rather have Ole at the wheel, who, but for refereeing favouritism would have you sat in mid table.
United were never mid table, he took over from Mourinho who had them 6th and last season they ended 3rd

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