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Six Nations 2016

This is the thread to discuss the 2016 Six Nations championship

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Saturday 6 February
France 23-21 Italy
Scotland 9-15 England

Sunday 7 February
Ireland 16-16 Wales

Saturday 13 February
France 10-9 Ireland
Wales 27-23 Scotland

Sunday 14 February
Italy 9-40 England

Friday 26 February
Wales 19-10 France

Saturday 27 February
Italy 20-36 Scotland
England 21-10 Ireland

Saturday 12 March
Ireland 58-15 Italy
England 25-21 Wales

Sunday 13 March
Scotland 29-18 France

Saturday 19 March
Wales 67-14 Italy
Ireland 35-25 Scotland
France 21-31 England

posted on 30/4/16

posted on 30/4/16

posted on 30/4/16

posted on 5/5/16

See Edinburgh are having a clear out of second rate rate kilted kiwis. Good policy if it leaves the way clear for young Scots, especially with the likes of Bryce and Weir moving there for more game time.

I reckon Cotter is behind the whole thing. If he is, I'm looking the cut of his jib.

posted on 5/5/16

It's more likely he has some bok and kiwi rejects lined up ha

posted on 5/5/16

I guess we'll need to wait and see on that one, but any Boks will be as Scottish as Rokodecoko is English. Any kilted kiwis will have a fine heritage which will make them Scottish in any case.

If they are like Hardie I won't complain, but if they are like the dross they've just got rid of, then that's a different story.

In all honesty I hope they don't do that because I'd prefer to see young Scots get the opportunity. But hey, if they do, it will all add to the banter material.

posted on 9/5/16

Blimey Demus, the Saints must be at the forefront of your mind this week. First there is the new "Englishman" and now you've signed our 33 year old 2nd/3rd string SH. Don't understand what he's going to at to Bath TBH, when you've already got Matawalu for that job.

posted on 9/5/16

I completely agree regarding KF, he is precisely the sort of SH we don't need and already have one too many of.

As for Harrison,I have a great deal of sympathy for him in regards to what brought him to England (I am sure you are aware). He isn't a mercenary in any sense. Hughes is a merc, Te'o is a merc, Harrison is a unique situation.
I'm happy for him to pull the England shirt on (if he ever is given the chance to).

posted on 9/5/16

Glad you agree that heritage is never a problem. The trouble with mercenaries who are time served is that somebody somewhere decides on an arbitrary time line which qualifies them. Whether its 3 years, 10 years or an age before you settled here, it arbitrary. Best to forget it all together and look purely at heritage.

Regarding your scrum halves, I like Kahn but these days he's just a live wire to come off the bench if you need to up the tempo. For that I think I'd prefer Niko.

posted on 10/5/16

Heritage isn't a problem?

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