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World Championship 2016

This is the thread to discuss the 2016 World Championship


Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

Alan McManus 11-17 Ding Junhui
Marco Fu 15-17 Mark Selby

Ding Junhui 13-3 Mark Williams
Kyren Wilson 8-13 Mark Selby
Alan McManus 13-11 John Higgins
Marco Fu 13-11 Barry Hawkins

Anthony McGill 9-13 Marco Fu
Ali Carter 11-13 Alan McManus
Mark Williams 13-8 Michael Holt
Sam Baird 11-13 Mark Selby
Judd Trump 10-13 Ding Junhui
Mark Allen 9-13 Kyren Wilson
Ricky Walden 8-13 John Higgins
Barry Hawkins 13-12 Ronnie O'Sullivan

Marco Fu 10-2 Peter Ebdon
Stuart Bingham 9-10 Ali Carter
Shaun Murphy 8-10 Anthony McGill
Stephen Maguire 7-10 Alan McManus
Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-7 David Gilbert
Mark Williams 10-4 Graeme Dott
Michael White 7-10 Sam Baird
Ricky Walden 10-8 Robbie Williams
Mark Selby 10-6 Robert Milkins
John Higgins 10-3 Ryan Day
Neil Robertson 6-10 Michael Holt
Mark Allen 10-3 Mitchell Mann
Barry Hawkins 10-5 Zhang Anda
Martin Gould 8-10 Ding Junhui
Judd Trump 10-8 Liang Wenbo
Joe Perry 9-10 Kyren Wilson

posted on 5/5/16

Selby is in the same bracket as Ebdon though. Have you noticed that there are always a good few long frames whenever he plays. Matches generally finish late. In fact back in 2007 the World Championship final between Selby and Higgins finished beyond midnight and 31 frames were played! Although I never actually realised Selby was very slow and tactical back then. It took me a while to finally see the light! fact that Selby now holds the record for the longest ever frame at the Crucible says a lot.

There are plenty of reasons I dislike Selby. If you want I'll put an article up explaining everything. You mention that his average shot in the final when you saw it was at 24 seconds. That was most likely in the first session when he was on form and Ding struggled, as soon as Ding got back into the match and put pressure on him he slowed everything down.

Robertson is miles better then Selby in my opinion despite the fact that he's only won the World title once.

posted on 6/5/16

Judd & Ding are in their prime, I think they'll both win it, Robertson will be a double world champion, really hope Ronnie can get a sixth.

posted on 7/5/16

I am not a fan of Selby either, his style of play bores me senseless at times. He is a great match player but snooker is about entertainment also.

Selby will carry on at the end of a frame when he needs 3 or 4 snookers, partly because he is exceptional at pinching frames but also because half an hour or so of chasing snookers can disrupt his opponents rhythm.

There was a period of the final when Ding reeled off a few frames in a row with big breaks and had great rhythm and momentum, then Selby dragged a frame out for an extra 30 minutes chasing many snookers in vain. That then broke Ding`s fluency and Selby went on to stop the rot by winning the next couple of frames.

Selby is a player that can play stop start snooker very well and he knows he is not as fluent as others like Ding, Ronnie, Trump etc, and needs to use those kind of tactics to gain an advantage, it`s all part of Selby`s game, he loves a scrappy match, it plays straight into his hands if frames are long and tactical.

comment by RKW (U13169)

posted on 7/5/16

Judd hasn't been to a final since he burst onto the scene over five years ago. Every year, every tournament the former players keep saying he will dominate the game. I think there's too many good players for one to dominate. Hopefully for Ding this year wasn't just a one-off.

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 8/5/16

I think that the standout players of this current generation are Robertson, Selby, Trump, Ding and Murphy. However, given the extra number of tournaments, and increased standard of up and coming players generally, as well as those from 'yesteryear' (eg. Ronnie, Higgins etc) there is still a fair spread of winners, and it will be difficult for any one or group of players to really dominate the game.

After the Trump - Ding semi final 5 years ago, I think everyone thought (1) here are 2 future world champions and (2) is the future of the game in these 2 hands? Now we're left thinking - will either become world champion??!!

Personally, even though he's only just reached his first final this year, I thought Ding would be a multiple world champion, never mind would he win the title, but he's got to get it done in the next few years. I think his experience this year will finally show him that he can do it, so I have high hopes for him. It may be more difficult for Trump, who needs to be able to scrap a bit more and develop tactically. Impossible to stop when in full flow, but you can't be like that in every session of the Crucible.

I have been a bit disappointed with Robertson - after his first world title, I don't think he's gone on quite as expected, but there's still time to put that right.

posted on 8/5/16

Seems to be a common theme recently that a young player will burst onto the scene, everyone thinks they'll become a new great and then they fade into relative obscurity for a few years.

comment by kinsang (U3346)

posted on 9/5/16

I think in all sports fans are looking for the next great player - in snooker Alex Higgins was the first real genius who caught the imagination, although lacked any real consistency, then Davis came along and dominated, followed by Hendry and of course Ronnie. We currently have a number of very good players but don't have one dominant force, but it can all change in a few years, and that new star may be just around the corner.

posted on 9/5/16

Really hope doesn't win another World Title. It's bad enough he's won 2 World titles. I think my head would literally explode if he won another!

posted on 10/5/16

I hope they move the Crucible to a 500ft bronze statue of Mark Selby.

posted on 10/5/16

Why get a statue of the c**t from Leicester when there are far far better players then him? If a statue was ever to be made then it should go to the king of the Crucible Stephen Hendry

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