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The Craig Whyte Trial

Walter Smith on the stand this morning made a comment that he was sacked twice by Rangers.

I thought that was something that was claimed never happened to Gers managers, that they were never sacked?

Oh-and obsessed, etc to get that out the way early doors.

#Edited OP. Smith has not said he was sacked twice by Rangers, but that he was sacked twice. As the questions and answers were about his time at Rangers I assumed that he meant this to apply only to his time there. However, as NNH as suggested, this now seems more likely to mean the time he was at Everton and another undisclosed time. Hopefully, this will clear up my wrong interpretation. #

posted on 21/4/17

* Community Service.

Litter Picking at the ''Celtic GCC Way'' for Mr Whyte.

Cushy wee number as we don’t drop litter.

posted on 21/4/17


Plenty flies on me mate.

Been in the heather since Tuesday

posted on 21/4/17

And with that I am offski Steve.

Might manage on again Steve tomorrow but if not enjoy the game and

stay safe on Sunday.

Same to all on here.

posted on 21/4/17

TMQ - great comeback, mate


comment by Silver (U6112)

posted on 21/4/17

comment by McCannStoleMaOreo (U21454)
posted 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
Did you buy a mail order bride Miller?
mail order bridie would be a good idea - get in before Ally empties the Greggs next to the high court

posted on 21/4/17

comment by Stevethebhoy (U17159)
posted 3 minutes ago

Ya pair ah auld kants

comment by My POV (U10636)

posted on 21/4/17

Top thread of the day, but I can't take any credit for it.

You guys have made it what it is. And I want to thank Castle for providing me with that line.

And that's mainly turning it from me making a slight error in my OP to giving Curly a chance to have the most deleted comments of the year.

posted on 22/4/17


Played to the Bears as well.

On a thread about the Trial of The Century.

aka The Biggest Fvkin Riddie in Scottish Football History.

Bears contrived to corral 95% of the posts to the hairsplitting details of

Watty’s end of tenures.


Did he jump or was he pushed All Those Years Ago?

This is the reel question

posted on 22/4/17

Only got 10 mins

So I will now sing yeez a song.

Sure it's the best darn team in Scotland,
And the players all are grand,
We support the Celtic,
As they are the finest in the land we love them,
We'll be there to give the Bhoys a cheer
When the league flag flies,
And it cheers us up when we know the Scottish Cup,
Is coming home to rest at Paradise.

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