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FIFA 17 Tournament Awards

Hi and welcome to the awards voting stage for the FIFA 17 tournaments. As we have reached the end of the FIFA 17 era, I thought it would be good to vote on several specific areas to see who is the ultimate best

How It Works

For each specific award type, I want you to give me 3 votes as follows:

3. Player X
2. Player Y
1. Player Z

The 3 votes represent who you believe should win the award. 3 points goes to the player, team or tournament that you believe deserves to win it the most. 2 points to your second choice and 1 point to your 3rd choice.

Once the voting stage is complete, the player with the most points will be the winner of the award.

If you are unclear on how this works then feel free to ask questions:

Most Improved FIFA player

Worst FIFA Player Award

Best Tournament Award

Best Pro Clubs Player Award

Best FIFA Tactician Award

Most Annoying FIFA Player to play against

Best FIFA Player Award

Please hand in your votes for the above sections by the 10th October 2017 to ja606tournaments@yahoo.com. Once the deadline is reached I will announce the winner once the votes have been counted and verified.

posted on 27/9/17

Shut up and dance with me!!

posted on 27/9/17

Why send entries to a private email account? Are you rigging votes? so sordid

posted on 27/9/17

Sooooo Solid

posted on 27/9/17

Titanic band starting line up:

John Frederick Preston Clarke
Theodore Ronald Brailey
Roger Marie Bricoux
Wallace Henry Hartley
John Law Hume
Georges Alexandre Krins
John Wesley Woodward
Percy Cornelius Taylor

posted on 27/9/17

Comment Deleted by Article Creator

comment by Admin1 (U1)

posted on 27/9/17

Live @ https://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewLiveArticle/377091
One match ban enabled

posted on 27/9/17


posted on 28/9/17

New Tournament Sign Up:


posted on 28/9/17

U serious? Has anyone actually emailed u?

posted on 28/9/17

thought it was a good idea lol. TL liked it


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