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****Best comment ever on the site*****

comment by BraveheartTyke (U6173)
posted 20 hours, 42 minutes ago

You do paste some chit 1man

** 1manontherun's picks of 2015 **

comment by Vidicschin (U3584)
posted 1 minute ago
If he has that drunk face all the time...he's a alcoholic


If you act like an idiot all the time, you are an idiot.

t by Teebs (U1060)
posted 33 seconds ago


Not returning to GN unless Galv or Raptor return <rose>

Taking about England 2 - 1 Wales - Comment by Billy The Yidd (U3924)

posted 4 hours, 18 minutes ago
The substitutions made little difference to our overall game, we dominated from start to finish and Vardy was quiet and Sturridge wasteful when they came on.


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