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World Cup. Group A

Group A.

Uruguay 3 3 0 0 9
Russia 3 2 0 1 6
Saudi A 3 1 0 2 3
Egypt 3 0 0 3 0

Uruguay 3-0 Russia
Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt
Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia.
Russia 3-1 Egypt
Egypt 0-1 Uruguay.

Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia
(ht 2-0)
Gazinski 12th-91st
Cherychev 43rd
Dzyuba 71st
Golovin 94th

Host team Russia to get the comp started v Saudi Arabia in the Luzhniki stadium, The group also featuring Egypt & Uruguay.
Intial format,
Put who you think will do well, then enter your personal choices in brackets,
a head v heart type prediction, Lets see who does well in their choices before the groups are decided.
I've done individual group threads so the comments can be applied to the appropriate teams as & when they play..Lets see how it goes,
Then we can do the individual knock out games later on once we know who's playing who.
Take it away fellow footy fans,

Group A

Russia. 3rd (1st)
Saudi Arabia. 4th (4th)
Egypt. 2nd (3rd)
Uruguay. 1st (2nd)

posted on 19/6/18


Перейти в Россию

posted on 19/6/18

That'll do. Fantastic

posted on 20/6/18

Come on Uruguay,

Beat the Saudi's and my preferences come good in this group.

posted on 20/6/18

Uruguay 1-0 winners,(v Saudi Arabia)
That's Russia through to the play-off's.
They just might top the group. No one gave them a chance to start with. Maybe the 'expert pundits' should be sent home too

posted on 24/6/18

Russia & Uruguay through before a ball is kicked.
Similar situation to England & Belgium. Who wants it most.
I'd say Uruguay will just edge it with a win.
Egypt to send the Arabs home with no points.

posted on 25/6/18

One right One wrong
Bleedin' Saudi's.

Although I thought Russia would have done better & made more of a game of it.

comment by LV69 (U5590)

posted on 27/6/18

Don’t think Russia will progress much further Darn.

posted on 27/6/18

I think they've done as much as they can (we'll see)
But they have at least silenced the so called expert pundits who had them darn for 'fodder' & the 1st team eliminated by their reckoning.

Home support, Raised confidence, you never know.
All up. there are some very poor performances by so called better nations on going. There could be, as you said, A surprise outside winner this year.

comment by LV69 (U5590)

posted on 2/7/18

Phenomenal result for Russia, shame the game was garbage! Russia played for penalties, Spain played for the fun of it.

comment by LV69 (U5590)

posted on 8/7/18

I can see the tumbleweed blowing through!

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