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Forest V Millwall Match Thread

Live @ http://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewLiveArticle/397115
One match ban enabled

Millwall's only Championship victory so far, has been a 2-1 success against Derby. August was a dour start for them grinding out nil-nil's and one score draw.
During September their performances got worse; Neil Harris will be looking for an upturn in form and performance from his side in October.

This match would have been a banana skin for Forest last season; I don't expect Karanka's team to be so generous tomorrow night, but the safe money is probably still riding on a score draw.

Gate 25,703

comment by reddave (U8660)

posted on 3/10/18

I am trying to think of a single positive to take out of tonight’s game, and finally came up with one, cracking crowd, nearly 26,000 for a midweek game is a real bonus.
Negatives, their keeper didn’t make a save, 2-0 up against a team who could have been bottom of the
table and we gifted them back into it, and our keeper put in one of the poorest displays I have seen in ages.
All in all I would give us about 3 out of 10.
If Gestede plays for Boro up front on Saturday he will have a field day.

posted on 4/10/18

Err...bring on the Boro!

posted on 4/10/18

AK: OK Pants, when you have the ball Danny and Hef will go wide, Jack or Addy will drop into the space, give the ball to one of them.

CP: Sure boss. But what if those three are marked men? . . . Boss? . . . Boss?

posted on 4/10/18

comment by Super_Psycho (U6336)
posted 10 hours, 33 minutes ago
comment by Forest_monkey - Karanka it up a gear (U6630)
posted 4 minutes ago
Pantilimon absolutely cost us two points.

Absmal goal kicks
Absmal delivery
Absmal box dominance for a giant
He needed to be big and instead he did dumb sh!te like faffing around his own box with the ball... or gifting millwall open nets to head into.

For the rest of the team, both fullbacks were slow and poor.
Osborn makes the team work both attack and defending, subbing him off early stifled most of our play.

It’s not the end of the world though.
We’re exactly where we were when we started and just and far away from the lottery zone.
And we are still kack at defending headers
Abysmal spelling

Plus long time monkey!

I miss our prediction league....even though I don't miss writing it up every week!!

My spell iz well pantz.
Even autocorrect cant save me

Respect for the effort with the prediction league, in seasons past when all four wheels, the engine, and the radio would fall off the forest cart, organising anything football related is probably last on my list on my to do list.

posted on 4/10/18

The story of the season so far has been of a fairly solid backline with and incosistent with flashes everywhere else. Against Millwall our back four were pretty dire and our front 4/5 played fairly well. Not as season ending as some of the fans I heard on the way out think unless it becomes a habit.

Miles further ahead when comparing to last season.
Somewhat off playoff material but it's pretty clear we have both a heading, and the squad for it.

I think the style of plays fine in all honesty. Switching fairly quickly. A mix of tippy-tappy, and some over the lines stuff. If the right player collects then we're quick on the break (some others kill the play). As time goes on more players are running into the box but especially when grabben goes wide to collect, it still needs work.

Pantz has been pants though.
Routinely pants.
While he seems to do well communicating when tools are down, he rarely holds onto balls, rarely comes out for them, and invites pressure. He done it a number of time now. I'd give Steele a shot.

posted on 4/10/18

Haven't seen the game yet, but it certainly feels like Karanka was outsmarted last night.

The floodlight failure played into Millwall's hands and they took full advantage of the break.

comment by reddave (U8660)

posted on 4/10/18

Don’t think the floodlight failure bothered us at all, we were cruising at 2-0 and then completely capitulated defensively. We were quite fortunate to get a point from a game we should have won comfortably.

posted on 4/10/18

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 5/10/18

Something in the defensive mix was definitely off kilter and it seemed to get worse as the game went on looking at the highlights. It appears that Pantilimon completely lost his head at times. Is he getting himself too wound up, just like Joe Hart at Euro 2016? He is full of aggression, high fiving defenders, remonstrating and roaring. Perhaps he needs to be sat down, given a cup of tea and have some relaxing classical music played to him pre-match.

posted on 5/10/18

Steele is a more than capable replacement, as is Jordan Smith. I wouldn’t drop Pantilimon just yet. Just needs leaving in no doubt that Karanka has other options if he doesn’t get his head screwed on right, and quick.

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