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PES 16 is miles better than FIFA 16

Having now played early access in depth I can say this. FIFA 16 is slightly better than 15, but I'm just do disenfranchised with the laziness of this game, the fact that so many bugs haven't been fixed after persisting for about 10 successive sequels, that I'm moving onto Konami's returning King once again.

FIFA just really doesn't feel satisfying in the slightest, it's removed a lot of what was OP in previous games which is the best thing about it, but the new style doesn't really reward much else. It's as if they set out to say 'We want to make this game less about pace, and rewarding tactics like possession more!' and only did the first half of that without figuring out how to do the latter.

I don't really want to type much more other than, "You're going to regret buying FIFA this year like you do every year", but perhaps, "You're going to regret it even more this year because PES 16 is the best PES in a generation." In the days when PES was a pile of <poo> you could probably get away with saying "I'm getting it because my mates are, it's the only good football game" etc, but this year, many people are jumping on the PES bandwagon and they're so right to. Maybe Fifa will have a lot more competition which will improve it in the future, but I can honestly say you'll have miles, miles more fun on PES if you get that instead.

posted on 29/9/15

with the rest just being a slave to the brand...

That is me

posted on 29/9/15

comment by RtM (U1097)

posted on 29/9/15


PES is truly great this year

posted on 29/9/15

Play the demo first. See what you think.

I played both demos as I do most years and I unusually found Pes to be pretty good this year. The more I played it the more I liked it.

FIFA demo i struggled to finish my first game due to how little they changed it. Still think FIFA 13 is the best fifa out there

posted on 30/9/15

comment by TLLL ★ (U4640)
posted 1 day, 4 hours ago
FIFA 16 is fecking awful. Was expecting a better game after last years poor version.

Passing is dreadful. Can't pass in the middle of the pitch, Passes always get intercepted.

Shooting is just as bad. Every shot you hit goes at the same speed before it hits the keepers hands and balloons over twice as fast.

Tackling - You can hardly tackle in this game. More like contain and wait for the guy to lose the ball.The fouls and penalties you get leave me thinking wtf.

Gameplay is so slow. Not sure if they are trying to make it more real or whatever but it's fecking boring.

Basically it takes like 10 game time minutes to build an attack from the back. No fun in this game at all. You want fast end to end football not this boring shlt.

Both my mate and I have basically said the exact same thing.

As soon as you try a pass that mildly adventurous the opposition (CPU) intercept it almost every single time.

I'm not the type of person to try and score the same type of goal over and over again, I like to use fast, creative, one-touch football when I get towards the goal to open them up, but that's virtually impossible because the passing is poor on this and doesn't allow it. As well as the fact that the CPU are always camped inside the box because the build-up play is too slow which doesn't allow a chance to catch them open. Ever.

You can't really dribble on this at all, unless you somehow find some space on the wing and do the Antonio Valencia hit-and-run special.

As for their passing, how realistic that almost every team achieves minimum 80% pass accuracy in every game? Just played a game now vs Villa where I scraped a 1-0 win (in part because of the woeful shooting) and they managed to complete 86% of their passes during the game

Will give it until the weekend, if I still don't like it I'll get rid and buy PES. It's almost as bad as 14 was.

posted on 12/10/15

PES 2016 is an amazing game , FIFA 16 is poor the only thing I like about FIFA is the licences they hold and that is why this game will sale more than PES .

If PES had full licences and stadiums it would destroy FIFA .

posted on 12/10/15

PES 2016 Tournament


posted on 18/10/15

Goal of the week thread!


posted on 4/11/15

PES 2016 tournament


posted on 14/12/15


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