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Emery any doubters

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posted on 21/2/19

Don't disagree - but Klopp's Liverpool was pretty average and inconsistent until he had time to mould it into his image. We should give Emery the same chance.
This is all good and very noble, at least on paper but I don't think you can compare both.
First of all, Klopp only arrived in October so he didn't have a full pre-season with the players and didn't beneficiate from the summer transfer window.
And although some results were poor, you could see what he was trying to achieve. In his first full season, he finished 4th.
But I think the biggest difference for me is that Klopp had shown he can take a team forward. He won the league twice with Dortmund beating a financially superior team. So Liverpool fans had something to hang on to. Same with Pep at City.

In Emery's case, lots of us still struggling to see what he is trying to implement. The lack of style so far, bearing in mind he had a full preseason is still worrying.
And then comes his record in the leagues. His only league title was at PSG where he had probably the most expensive squad ever put together and that was in his second attempt. He failed badly in his first season to Monaco. Let's not even mention his CL record.
I'd have been more than happy to give him time if he had won the league with a team like Lyon, Marseille or Sevilla/Valencia while he was in Spain.
But at the moment, I fear most of our hopes are hanging on absolutely nothing.

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