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Live Election Day Thread

Who are you all voting for then, come on?

I'm predicting a well-hung parliament. As in, it's gonna be even more split than last time.

Hoping for a surprise Labour majority though. Can't have the tories running a muck for another 5 years for fĂșcks sakes.

If you need any more reasons as to why you should not be voting Tory (which you shouldn't), please visit my twitter account @thedailybmuk
There should be more than enough information there. Yes, this thread is biased

posted 8 hours, 9 minutes ago

Got rid of my car a couple of weeks ago.
Earlier today I got out my old rucksack and made the trip to mall on bus.
When I got to the grocers they had a washing station set up at entrance. I washed my hands, grabbed a trolley and was told I couldn't bring my bags in. OK not happy, but that's the new protocol apparently.
Next door is the government run liquor store. I asked the security guy at the door if I could bring my backpack in and he thought I was kidding. Lol.
Then I walked to the other end of the mall where there is another grocer's no problem, bring your bags in.
I would just like a bit of consistency. FFS I later thought, if you're worried about covid on my bags why the fek are they allowing us to keep our jackets on, or any clothing with sleeves? We're told to sneeze and cough into our elbow. Wouldn't our clothing have more chance of being infected than shopping bags?

posted 7 hours, 44 minutes ago

The virus is not a joke and can kill anyone, of any age. People need to stop thinking this is just the flu

comment by Hector (U3606)

posted 7 hours, 38 minutes ago

comment by Terminator1 (U1863)
posted 50 minutes ago
comment by rosso is done with this (U17054)
posted 18 minutes ago
We’ve inherited coronaviruses previously from birds, cats and camels.

In fact, there are four coronaviruses that cause what we call the common cold in humans and scientists believe all of them have zoonotic origins.

And almost all known flu viruses originate in birds, specifically various species of waterfowl.

H1N1 (swine flu) arrived with us from birds via pigs.

Although the Great Plague is thought to have passed from rats, we also know that cats were carriers.

It happens between animal species all the time; and humans have equally passed novel viruses to other animals.

What happened in Wuhan isn’t any kind of surprise whatsoever. When you have a live animal market, you put thousands of animals that don’t spend any time together in the wild - that are of distinct populations from different habitats that have never had cause to get close to each other - and expose them all to brand new diseases. Bat meets intermediary pangolin, intermediary pangolin meets human. Voila.

Bear in mind that this was going on every single day, with probably hundreds of thousands of animals, many from the wild, in close proximity and poor sanitary conditions across an entire subcontinent, year-in year-out.

It was - and remains unless practices change - a ticking time bomb.
You’re no fun at all
Eating wild animals isn't just a Chinese issue, Africa, south America, Arabia everywhere.

Where have all the hedgehogs gone, Tyson Fury's belly thats where....

posted 7 hours, 2 minutes ago

Some companies that are asking for Goverment help are still planning to pay shareholder dividends.

posted 6 hours, 53 minutes ago

comment by Boris 'Inky’ Gibson (U5901)
posted 7 minutes ago
Some companies that are asking for Goverment help are still planning to pay shareholder dividends.

Other than Easyjet I don’t know of any others.

The banks have still to decide but investors have stated they expect them to be postponed.

posted 5 hours, 56 minutes ago

Yashar Ali Elephant @yashar
Woman, 90, dies from coronavirus in Belgium after refusing a ventilator and telling doctors: 'I had a good life, keep this for the younger'

No words..

posted 5 hours, 50 minutes ago


comment by Blarmy (U14547)

posted 5 hours, 44 minutes ago

comment by peks..#masks4all (U6618)
posted 6 minutes ago
trailer for The Mask

you are obsessed

posted 5 hours, 39 minutes ago

Trump on herd immunity (which he doesn’t name but to which he’s clearly referring): “well you know it’s a concept, it’s a concept- if you don’t mind death.”

Trump on herd immunity: “they have a name for it, we won’t even talk about it. It would have been a catastrophic if that had had happened. It was something everyone was talking about it...they use the expression, ride it out- you’d have had 2.2 million people dying.”

Boris thrown to the sharks by his ‘mate’

Tory gonna Tory

posted 2 hours, 55 minutes ago

Arab the trump fan

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